Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Top 5 Exercise Motivators

 Let's face it. Going to the gym and sticking to your exercise schedule is difficult. We really need good reasons to do so, like we really, really enjoy it lol. Here are my top five:

5. Gym Membership Cost
- It's not cheap, and I paid for it. Might as well make the most of it, right? ;)

4. Exercise Wardrobe and Gadget Purchases 
- These are the shoes, gym attire, heart rate monitors, etc. that I got for my exercise routines. Still paying for most of them lol.

3. Good Way to Cope with Stress 
- Exercise breaks up my usual boring routine. It lets me 'escape', even for a little while, from the stress I experience from work and personal life. And besides, after working out, I'm too exhausted to think about my work or personal problems lol!

2. Jeans Last Longer 
- Exercise helps me maintain my body mass index. And dress / jeans size lol.

1. Tacos and Burritos 
- I love tacos and burritos, but they're usually loaded with calories. Solution? Burn more calories at the gym, so I can eat tacos and burritos! Lol

How about you? What motivates you to exercise? :)